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The Right Technology Partner

The true value of technology is its ability to make your life easier and to allow you to work more efficiently. If the technology you have invested in doesn’t accomplish this goal, you may have invested in the wrong technology. If you’re spending your time maintaining that technology rather than focusing on your core business, you have very likely invested in the wrong technology partner. Let us help you with that.


Office as a Service provides managed communications and infrastructure solutions for businesses. We install, monitor, and maintain your internet, data network, email, Wi-Fi, phones and phone service, cameras, and access control. If there are any issues with the equipment or services, we spend the time resolving them and not you. Need changes? New Employee? Don’t worry, full remote support is included with our service. Best of all, there is no finger-pointing between vendors and service providers.


One of our solutions we are most proud of is our Internet resiliency package. A second, cellular internet circuit is built into every installation. If your primary Internet connection goes down, you seamlessly failover to the cellular backup. Our monitoring solution notifies us of the outage, and we spend the time working with the carrier to restore the primary service while your business continues uninterrupted. The best part is, you likely didn’t even notice.

Access Control

Electronic keys are a growing need for today’s businesses. Keep electronic records of employees’ attendance and tardiness and easily grant or revoke access without ever having to change the locks.

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Cameras have become essential for everything from human resource issues with employees to a security tool as essential as a front door lock. Whether you want security, surveillance, or casino level monitoring for your office, we have a camera solution meets your needs.

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Conference Phone

The conference phone supports HD Audio and wireless connectivity to make it conveniently mobile. It has 360-degree microphone coverage with 12-foot pickup range.

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Cordless Phone

Cordless phones are a must for employees who are constantly pulled away from their desks. Our cordless phones use Wifi so coverage range is never a problem. They are Bluetooth compatible and have a durable “rugged” option for harsh environments.

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Headsets have wired and wireless options. Both support HD audio and include noise cancelling microphones to eliminate background noise.

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Unbreakable Internet

Experience unbreakable Internet with our fully integrated 4G backup router. Seamless failover so your office never loses Internet access even when your primary provider has an outage.

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Video Conference

An enterprise video-conferencing system designed primarily for groups in large areas such as boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and similar environments.

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Wave App

Make and receive business calls on the go from anywhere, anytime with the Grandstream Wave smartphone mobile app. Make business calls from your cellphone without ever giving out your cell phone number. 

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We install a fully managed Wifi network throughout your entire office. Easily connect Wifi enabled devices such as printers, laptops, and any VoIP device anywhere in your office.

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Desk Phone

Grandstream’s UCM is one of the most flexible and feature rich phone systems available. Whether you need simple and easy to use or more advanced tools like call recording or voice transcription, we can meet your communications needs. 

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Let Office as a Service manage all of your services and simplify your technology. OaaS offers hosted VoIP, managed network services, managed wi-fi, managed phone systems, internet, and telephone services. Right now, you probably have different vendors for each of these services, dealing with problems from all sides and paying separate bills at the end of the month. With OaaS, all of that is managed seamlessly under one umbrella, giving you more time to work on other parts of your business.

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