Grandstream’s conference phone is designed to transform your business conferencing experience through its immersive audio conferencing environment and suite of advanced features. Enhance the way users meet and work together. Our conference phone will redefine your audio conferencing experience with HD Audio and the convenience of WiFi and Bluetooth capability. It has Gigabit network ports and Android operating system with a color touch screen. Easily connect any time using either simple conferencing from the phone or the advanced conference bridge features of your phone system.
  • Full HD audio support to maximize voice quality
  • Built-in 7-way conference bridge
  • Increased conferenceing capacity through the UCM Conference Bridge or IP Video Talk
  • Built-in Wi-Fi support offers mobility and network flexibility
  • Bluetooth to support syncing of headsets and mobile devices
  • Daisy-chain support to combine two phones together for larger environments
  • 3″ (800×480) capacitive touch screen for easy use
  • Auto-sensing Gigabit port, built-in PoE support
  • Runs Android 4.4 and offers access to the Google Play Store
Your Grandstream UCM includes fully featured conference bridge functionality. You have a virtually unlimited number of conference bridges (limited only by the extension numbering plan.) The conference capacity is limited by your number of available trunks. With the UCM’s conference bridges, you can schedule conferences, automatically send invitations to conferences, record conferences, have the conference automatically dial participants, sync scheduled conferences with Google Calendar and more. The conferences can be managed via a web page that allows you to mute and unmute participants, kick participants, add participants through the web page and many other management options and settings to make conference calling simple and easily configurable to your preferences and needs.