Unbreakable Internet

Experience the most cost effective, fault tolerant SD-WAN internet solution available to the modern small business. Internet backup and failover is not new, but they way OaaS delivers our solution is. Expensive static IP addresses are not required and your phone calls will not even drop when your Internet connection fails. Failover is so immediate and seamless you wouldn’t even notice there was a disruption. 

The average small business of 1-19 employees loses $4500 a year because of Internet outages. The standard “best effort” Internet products that most small businesses rely upon, suffer an average of 17.8 hours of downtime per year and only 7% of these businesses have any form of internet backup.

A stable, reliable internet connection has become vitally important to the modern business. When a service outage disrupts your internet connection, your business’s cashflow is disrupted right along with it. Unbreakable Internet with OaaS is your business’s internet insurance policy.

WAN Smoothing

WAN Smoothing utilizes intelligent algorithms to fill in connectivity gaps, creating connection resiliency by minimizing latency and reducing the impact of packet loss. By sending redundant packets through multiple network channels simultaneously, the gaps in the data are instantly filled, eliminating jitter, video buffering and poor voice quality on your VoIP phone calls.