Cameras have become essential for everything from human resource issues with employees to a security tool as essential as a front door lock. Many business owners have come to rely on the flexibility of cameras to keep an eye on daily operations from both inside and outside the office. Whether you want security, surveillance, or casino level monitoring for your office, we have a camera solution meets your needs. We have two different product lines depending on your needs. Grandstream has a camera system that is part of their facility management solutions product line. What makes it stand out is the way it integrates with the intercom and access control facility management solutions. The cameras are also IP video phones so they are capable of making a video call to virtually any Grandstream device with a display. This includes not just the phones but also the intercom panels. This can be something as simple as adding video to a door phone, or as advanced as creating security and event triggers. For example, motion detection can trigger an event that sends a video feed to virtually any phone, intercom, or access control device.
  • A Day Care facility can have the camera initiate a video call when the back door is opened to prevent a child from wandering out of the facility
  • The loading dock can send a video call whenever a delivery truck pulls up.
  • The storage locker can send a video call whenever anyone accesses the locker where expensive tools or items are stored.
Whenever a business will benefit from or has a need for this level of integration, we recommend the Grandstream surveillance solution. We also offer standalone video surveillance solutions. Sometimes a customer has a need for more specialized cameras at very high resolutions, or cameras with particular lens apertures to cover specific areas.   In these cases our minimum starting level camera is a vandal-dome design that is small, compact, sleek, and modern. It is a camera that looks great, blends into its environment, and fits just about anywhere. Its all-metal construction and its vandal-proof glass dome makes it nearly impossible for someone to come along and tamper with the lens or vandalize the camera. It has an Impact Protection (IK) rating of 10, which is as high as the scale goes.   It has 4MP of beautiful high definition video with 120dB Wide Dynamic Range. With its 100 foot infrared range and IP67 weatherproof rating, neither darkness nor crazy storms will get in the way of your surveillance. This camera will deliver incredible video every time.   If you have a particular surveillance application or a specialized need, we can design a solution to match it. There are numerous high end cameras that go far beyond simply providing higher resolutions. There are specialized license plate readers, heat mapping cameras for retail environments, people counting cameras, facial recognition solutions, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras to follow motion, and more. Just tell us your business need and we’ll find the right technology to solve it.
  • Remotely monitor your cameras so you can keep an eye on your office even when you’re not there.
  • Simple and intuitive interface to review and export historical camera footage.
  • Watermarking of all recordings so camera records hold up in court.
  • Highest resolution and best low light cameras in the industry.