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Hold and Park

In this tutorial, we will discuss the differences between placing a caller on Hold versus parking that caller in a Call Park location.

Hold = Private Hold

Use Hold when you want to put the call on hold for you and only you to retrieve at your own phone. Other phones in the office will not see the call on hold. You can only retrieve the call from the extension where it was put on hold.

Park = Public Hold

Use Park when you want someone else (or yourself) to pick up the call on another phone. The Park key will light on every phone in the office. Anyone can retrieve the parked call by pressing the button.

1. Familiarize yourself with the GRP2615 active call screen.

2. To place the active call on Hold, press the Hold button.

3. To retrieve a call from Hold, press the Hold button again, or the Resume Soft-Key.

4. To Park the call, press an available, green Park button.

5. You can retrieve this parked call from any extension by pressing Park again.