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On-Hook Dialing

In this tutorial, we will explain how to place a call using the On-Hook dialing method. This method differs from simply picking up the handset and beginning to dial by allowing you to see the digits being entered and correct any errors before sending the call. Also, there is no frustrating dialer time-out that can send the call before you are completely finished entering the number.



  • Dialing 9 to get an outside line is not necessary
  • Calls made using this method will be initiated using the hands-free speakerphone.

1. Familiarize yourself with the GRP2615 idle screen

2. Without lifting the handset, begin entering digits on the number pad.

  1. Immediately, the dialer screen pops up and “Onhook Dialing” mode is displayed
  2. As you enter digits they will be displayed in the dialer

3. The process is identical whether you are dialing internal extensions or external phone numbers

4. Once you have verfied the digits are correct, there are 4 mehtods to send the call.

  • Press the Soft-Key below the green “Dial” option the LCD display
  • Press the Dial key
  • Press the Speakerphone key
  • Press the Headset key (if a compatible headset is connected)

5. You Can End The Call Using The 3 Methods Below:

  1. Press the Speaker keyl
  2. Press the “End Call” Soft Key under the LCD Display
  3. Lift and replace the handset