Blind Call Transfer

Transferring a call to another extension is a common call-handling task. A common use-case would be when you receive a call that was intended for another department, and you need to assist in getting the caller to the correct resource. In our scenario, a Receptionist is calling Sales who informs them that the question isn’t sales-related and should be handled by the Support team. The Sales agent then transfers the call to the Support team to assist.

1. Familiarize yourself with the GRP2615 idle screen

2. Active call between extension 1000 (Reception) and extension 1001 (Sales)

(a). Notice the reception BLF key is red, indicating the extension is busy in an active call.

3. Press either the dedicated Transfer button or the Transfer Soft Key 5 to initiate a Call Transfer.

4. Selecting Transfer will bring up the Dialer Prompt

5. Using the number pad, enter the extension number to which you wish to Transfer.

6. Select either the dedicated Transfer button or the Blind Transfer Soft Key 2.

7. The Transfer is complete and your phone should return to its idle screen.

8. In our example, we can confirm the Transfer was successful because we can see both extension 1000 and 1002 are busy in an active call.

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